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TerraGenesis Space Settlers For PC & Windows – Free Download

TerraGenesis Space Settlers For PC & Windows - Free Download

The Description of TerraGenesis:

Use the real science of NASA to care for life on deserted planets. Do you think you have what it takes to bring a dead planet back to life? Can you make the stars?

Experience the exploration of space and build new worlds in this fun and exciting planetary simulator based on real science. TerraGenesis dynamically animates whole planets with changing biospheres, all based on real data from NASA.

The universe is your playground in TerraGenesis! Colonize real planets in our solar system, planets created only for TerraGenesis and even for alien worlds! When the world is in your hands, the possibilities are truly endless. Play TerraGenesis and start terraforming today!

Terra Génesis has:

Colony builder

  • Join one of the four interstellar fractions, each with different colonization benefits
  • Colonize entire worlds step by step, creating pressurized habitats so your colonists can survive in hostile environments.
  • Terraform your planet to sustain human life by changing the specific properties of each world, such as air pressure, oxygen, sea level and biomass
  • Track the progress of your civilization and the current state of your world on the summary statistics page.


  • Real colon planets of our solar system, including Mars, Venus, Mercury and even Earth!
  • Terraform orbital satellites, which include The Moon and the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  • Build colonies on fictitious planets, including Bacchus, Ragnarok, Pontus, Lethe and Boreas
  • Terraform dwarf planets, including Ceres, Pluto, Charon, Makemake, Eris and Sedna.
  • Melts ice caps to create global oceans and bring life to the planet


  • Build your own ecosystem of interaction of personalized organisms.
  • Start with 26 different Phyla and add 64 unique genes to create all kinds of amazing organisms for your world
  • Manage your life forms as they thrive in terrestrial and aquatic biospheres
  • Create random worlds with complete maps for surfaces and heights, unique launch conditions and more

TerraGenesis is a free game and, as an independent game, it was important to us that all purchases within the application are optional and are not required for a complete and complete experience.

TerraGenesis Space Settlers For PC & Windows - Free Download

TerraGenesis Space Settlers APK on PC Download and Install

Download TerraGenesis Space Settlers and you can install it on both your Android device and PC. Android device installation is very simple, just go to any third party APK provider and Download the APK and Simply Tap it to install and as for the PC version, you will be needing an emulator. Follow the Guide below to Download and Install the App on PC.

TerraGenesis - Weltraumsiedler
TerraGenesis - Weltraumsiedler

TerraGenesis Space Settlers For PC – Step to Step Guide

Step 1: To download and install TerraGenesis Space Settlers for PC, you need an Android emulator such as Bluestacks to start with. I have given the links to their official sites at the end.

Step 2: Go to the Google Play Store after installing the emulators using the on-screen instructions. Set up your account now and look for TerraGenesis Space Settlers in the Google Play Store search bar. (It is recommended to download the APK from the link below and install it directly to save some time)

Step 3: If you find the application you are looking for, continue and download it; otherwise you just get APK of TerraGenesis Space Settlers from any third party APK providers.

Step 4: That’s it for installing TerraGenesis Space Settlers for PC. Stay up-to-date for more comparable tips at DroidWikies.

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