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Solar Warden For PC & Windows – Free Download

Protect Earth From Imminent Meteors & Alien Attacks

Solar Warden For PC & Windows - Free Download

The year is 2070. Our technology is enough to create spaceships and keep them in orbit to protect us from potential threats. In Solar Warden, you command a defense troop with the aim of preventing any type of object that may collide with the Earth’s surface.

A very efficient system is available for the player, with radars showing imminent dangers that can put the life of the planet at risk two days in advance. You need to create a strategy, using your resources as efficiently as possible. You can command any of the space vehicles in real time, using the “Planetary Defense Interface”, known as PDI, with its “telepresence” technology.

For some reason, the number of meteors approaching is enough for us to need full-time protection. If you’re thinking of “Aliens”, you’re right! Each aerolite whose trajectory you intercept may contain enemy ships that are constantly trying to enter into our world and conquer it.

Its task is difficult but essential for the population to continue living peacefully. Saving the Earth of Threats will get you more cash investments, which can be applied to improvements in your fleet and Solar Warden’s defense systems.

Controlling the planetary defense fleet at Solar Warden is a lot of fun. The planet is immense and many times you need to go around it to get where some threat has been detected. When you send a ship to meet the threat, the journey is fast, but when you are controlling the ship itself, it seems an eternity. The locomotion in space seems very realistic, and it is often possible to have that feeling of being lost while moving.

The universe is yours, but first, save the Earth!

The strategy is the key point of dynamics. As soon as you eliminate the first threat, several more will appear on your map, along with the remaining time to resolve them and where to go. If you can not protect the planet, the population decreases gradually, just like the money received monthly.

The game is still under development, so a lot of content can be added. For those who enjoy science fiction, Solar Warden is a full-fledged dish. Worth a try.

Download Link For Windows Version Of The Game.

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