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Identity V For PC & Windows – Free Download

Identity V For PC & Windows - Free Download

After losing his memory, an investigator finds himself involved in a mystery beyond his comprehension. Disguised entrails are happening in a “game” involving the hunt for people, but why would they be doing it and why does the killer have fun with this mind-boggling terror? So far they are unanswered questions.

Identity V puts the player in the middle of this mysterious story, in which you must uncover the fears of a hunt that is beyond just entertainment.

As an online game, Identity V puts 4 players in the roles of the survivors and 1 in place of the killer. Those who must stay alive need to turn on a radio to activate the mechanism of a door that leads them to the exit, but everything needs time to conclude and if the killer finds them may be the end, because the goal of it is to end the lives of all others.

Each of the characters available in Identity V has unique abilities that facilitate them with tasks such as fixing the radio and also healing those who have been hurt; in the case of monsters, their abilities can range from tracking their victories, teleporting to specific places or leaving traps.

When you complete a match on Identity V you receive rewards and experience, which change whether or not you succeeded in your mission. With this, you can evolve or buy new passive powers and abilities for your favorite characters as well as be being able to invest in a personal skill tree that can be used with anyone you are playing.

Identity V is an online suspense and survival game that involves five people on a map; four of these players aim to escape from there alive, activating radios that connect the energy of the main door; the fifth player controls the killer and has the duty not to let others escape.

The big difference between Identity V to other games like Dead by Daylight, for example, is that its history is engaging and explains why all the events and murders are happening. Each of the winners has their own narrative and behaviors, showing how they ended up in the “game” and their desperation to try to survive. It’s a different emotion that takes care of you at all times, not only because each match may be unique, but your whole view of what’s being told can change brutally.

Despite all the fun that Identity V provides for the player, unfortunately, due to their great graphics they end up presenting a low frame rate per second even in more powerful devices, besides heating up the device and spending a lot of battery power.

Given the appropriate caveats, Identity V could easily run on some console or even on a computer, so it’s very worth playing.

Identity V APK on PC Download and Install

Download Identity V and you can install it on both your Android device and PC. Android device installation is very simple, just go to any third party APK provider and Download the APK and Simply Tap it to install and as for the PC version, you will be needing an emulator. Follow the Guide below to Download and Install the App on PC.

Identity V
Identity V
Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free+

Identity V For PC – Step to Step Guide

Step 1: To download and install Identity V for PC, you need an Android emulator such as Bluestacks to start with. I have given the links to their official sites at the end.

Step 2: Go to the Google Play Store after installing the emulators using the on-screen instructions. Set up your account now and look for Identity V in the Google Play Store search bar. (It is recommended to download the APK from the link below and install it directly to save some time)

Step 3: If you find the application you are looking for, continue and download it; otherwise you just get APK of Identity V from any third party APK providers.

Step 4: That’s it for installing Identity V for PC. Stay up-to-date for more comparable tips at DroidWikies.

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