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Earthlock For PC – Free Download

A 3d rpg inspired by 90’s classics

Earthlock For PC - Free Download

Many say that the golden era of RPG genre was the late 1990s, with titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Cross and many others that set a very high quality standard for style games. In the years that followed few games were developed exactly with the classic mechanics of these games, seeking to reinvent the style of play.

Anyone who misses this style of turn-based gameplay and is more focused on good story development than the older games, developer Snowcastle Game introduced in 2016 on the Earthlock consoles, which now comes to the computers with all the enhancements of these years of continuous development of the Norwegian company.

A new game with the classic spirit

Earthlock is a game developed with reference to games that marked the epoch and redefined the genre. But the developer, in addition to honoring these classics, worked to increase the experience of a rpg by turns, without taking away the essence of the game. Seeking a balance between good story development and game mechanics, basically fundamental concepts of rpg games.

Earthlock is an adventure that has as scenery the planet Umbra. His goal is to explore the planet with the heroes Amon, Ivory, Olia among other characters, who still have very peculiar helpers and stop the growth of an evil that has arisen on the planet.

To download the game, you need to use Steam.

Earthlock For PC - Free Download

Earthlock is a beautiful game. With an extremely well-worked look, the experience of starting the game causes the player to immerse himself in his universe and arouses much curiosity for this planet to be explored. With vivid colors, varied scenery and a good dose of nostalgia, surely the graphic work presented is one of the highlights.

Sound immersion

Few games are able to bring such an immersive experience to your sound as Earthlock. Its track, effects and all the sound work that was developed perfectly combines with the progress of the adventure and makes all the difference in the gameplay experience.

With a game style very common to games of the genre, Earthlock is as good in its gameplay as in the aspects mentioned above. It is very simple and intuitive. Its battle dynamics are well developed and offer a good learning curve with the progression of enemy difficulty.

Earthlock is an indie of extreme quality. Very well developed, visually excellent. With extremely loud sound work and an engaging storyline, gamers who use the PC as a platform are sure to get a great gameplay option on Steam.

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